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District Heating and Cooling

Annex X Project 02

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 2011-2014 / Annex X / Annex X Project 02

Economic and Design Optimization in Integrating Renewable Energy and Waste Heat with District Energy Systems

Characteristics of renewable heat sources

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Lead Country: USA

The objective of this project was to facilitate an increased use of renewable energy and waste heat in district energy systems.
The project has provided a framework for evaluating options for combining renewable and waste heat sources with existing or potential new district energy systems. Economic, design and operational issues have been included in this framework.
For example, key design issues that will need to be addressed include the impact of supply and return temperatures on the ability to access available energy sources.
To achieve the project goal the current state-of-the-art for relevant components and software have been assessed and recommendations for improvements have been developed.
By using the results from this project, customers and businesses are able to devise strategies concerning renewable energy and waste heat in district heating networks.

Project contact:

Eric M. Moe

FVB Energy Inc.
P.O. Box 10232
Bainbridge Island,
WA 98110,

Phone: +1 206 890 3266

Email:  emoe (at) fvbenergy.com