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District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power

2020-2023 Annex XIII

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 2020-2023 Annex XIII

Annex XIII

IEA DHC has selected the following international research projects for Annex XIII.

  1. Leave 2nd generation behind: cost effective solutions for small-to-large scale DH networks
  2. Advanced algorithm for spatial identification, evaluation of temporary availability and economic assessment of waste heat sources and their local representation
  3. Artificial Intelligence for Forecasting of Heat Production and Heat demand and Fault Detection in District Heating Networks
  4. Cost Benefit study on the building secondary network for improving DH performance
  5. Optimized transition towards low-temperature and low-carbon DH systems (OPTiTRANS)
  6. The district heating business model 2050
  7. CASCADE – A comprehensive toolbox for integrating low-temperature sub-networks in existing district heating networks

The projects are planned to be finished by mid-2023. Please contact the IEA DHC Operating Agent if you have questions. Thank you.


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