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District Heating and Cooling

Annex X Project 01

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 2011-2014 / Annex X / Annex X Project 01

Improved Maintenance Strategies for District Heating Pipe-lines

Sketch of tangential shear strength testmethod

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Lead Country: Sweden

The main goals of this project were to develop a set of modelling tools to increase the service life of district heating pipes, reduce costs for operation and network installation, and enable networks to be more easily managed and optimised. Both district heating suppliers and network owners can benefit from the project outcomes.
A tool has been developed which determines the current condition of pre-insulated pipes already in operation and allows a forecast to be made of their remaining technical life and likely degradation. It is expected that this will bring about a marked improvement in risk management for DH companies connected to the distribution network.
Information that has been collected and used during the course of this project includes forecast operating parameters of the network (e.g. transport fluid temperatures and energy demands), requirements of robustness and redundancy, as well as costs for energy loss, maintenance and reconstruction.

Project contact:

Nazdaneh Yarahmadi, PhD

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden BMh,
Visiting address:
Gibraltargatan 35 Box 24036,
SE-400 22 Göteborg,

Phone: +46 (0)10 516 5921

Email:  nazdaneh.yarahmadi (at) sp.se