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District Heating and Cooling

1983-1987 / Annex I

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1983-1987 / Annex I

Annex I


The IEA's "Programme of Research, Development and Demonstration on District Heating" was established at the end of 1983. The technical areas covered by the first three year phase are listed below.

Heat Meters

  • Market survey of heat meters
  • Field experience with small heat meters
  • Functional requirements of small heat meters
  • Course in heat metering
  • Dynamic response of heat meters to variations in flow and temperature
  • Minimum temperature difference in residential heating
  • Laboratory testing of small heat meters
  • Simulated field tests of small heat meters
  • Report on small heat meters

Low Cost Distribution Systems

  • Cost analysis of prefabricated district heating culverts
  • Technical and economic assessment of new distribution technology

Heat Production - Combined Heat and Power

  • Coal-fired hot water centrals; A state-of-the-art study
  • Conceptual design of a 10 MW coal-fired hot water boiler
  • Small-scale Combined Heat and Power plants

Low Temperature Heat Sources

  • Heat pumps and low temperature sources for District Heating
  • Video-film: 35 MW heat pump at Järfälla, Sweden

Conversion of Buildings to District Heating

  • Guidelines for the conversion of Building Heating Systems for connection to District Heating