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District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power

1987-1990 / Annex II

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1987-1990 / Annex II

Annex II


The IEA's "Programme of Research, Development and Demonstration on District Heating" was established at the end of 1983. The technical areas covered by the second three-year phase are listed below.

  1. Review of R&D projects
  2. Advanced District Heating Production Technologies
  3. Piping techniques:
    • Static problems in the laying of plastic jacket pipes
    • Fittings in plastic jacket pipelines
    • Welded sleeve techniques for plastic jacket pipes
    • New methods in underground engineering and installing of District Heating pipelines
  4. Potential Telemetry Technology for District Heating
  5. Guidelines for Converting Building Heating Systems for Hot Water District Heating
  6. Advanced Energy Transmission Fluids
  7. Heat Meters
  8. Thermal Energy from Refuse Analysis (TEFRA), computer program

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