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District Heating and Cooling

Annex V Project 06

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1996-1999 / Annex V / Annex V Project 06

Handbook on Plastic Pipe Systems for District Heating

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Description of the project

Plastic medium pipes have in some countries, especially in Scandinavia, been used for many years in floor heating applications and in smaller local networks. In Denmark these pipes are also quite common for smaller district heating pipelines. In spite of years of experience, there still exist doubts about the possibilities of using plastic pipes in district heating applications, mostly because of the limitations in pressure and temperatures which must be observed when using plastic medium pipes. The use of plastic medium pipes is also limited to relatively small dimensions, i.e. below 100 mm diameter, which makes it necessary to mix steel pipes and plastic medium pipes in many applications, a combination for which experience so far was not systematically documented.

The aim of the project was to compile know-how and installation experience from various coun-tries and to present the results about plastic medium pipe techniques in the shape of a handbook. The handbook describes the basic properties of plastic materials involved and the conditions for its applications, as well as recommended laying and installation techniques to be used for receiving both technically and economically favourable results.

The handbook is divided into two main parts: An engineering part A describing the main aspects of using and applying plastic medium pipes, including also economical system aspects, and a material part B, giving more detailed background information about the specific material properties as an Appendix. Some field projects are documented in the Appendix part C.

Downloadable Documents

Plastic Pipe Systems for District Heating - Handbook for Safe and Economic Applications
[Summary Report - PDF - 3-pages, 17Kb]


ZW Energiteknik AB, Nykoping, Sweden


Ingenieurburo fur Fernwarmetechnik,
Sandhausen/Heidelberg, Germany
Natural Resources Canada, Nepean, Canada