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District Heating and Cooling

Annex V Project 02

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1996-1999 / Annex V / Annex V Project 02

Combined heating and cooling; balancing the production and demand in CHP

Project Downloads

Final Report


Description of the Project

The report concentrates on some specific issues which had not been investigated before and which were of special interest. The report continues the work that was published in 1996 with the title "Integrating District Cooling with Combined Heat and Power" which gives a broad picture of the field.

Briefly, the main emphasis in the report is put on cooling technologies, integrating cooling with CHP and cooling with district heating networks. In the following the main topics and findings of the report are summarised.

The main objectives of the research project were to

- Produce information on integrating heating and cooling with combined heat
  and power (CHP), focusing on district-heat-driven absorption cooling
- Investigate the possibility of balancing the production and demand with the
  means of heat-driven cooling in connection to CHP
- Collect systematic information and operating experiences of existing district 
  cooling systems connected to CHP
- Collect information on new promising heat-driven cooling techniques

Downloadable Dokuments

District Cooling; balancing the Production and Demand in CHP
[Summary Report - PDF - 6-pages, 26Kb]

Contractor :

Ekono Energy (Finland)


Korean District Heating Company (Korea),
MVV-Consulting (Germany)
Umsicht (Germany)