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District Heating and Cooling

Annex IX Project 05

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 2008-2011 / Annex IX / Annex IX Project 05

Policies and barriers for District Heating and Cooling outside EU countries

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The approach is to review lessons learned about the institutional factors from countries such as China, Russia, USA, Canada and selected European countries outside EU, based on the comprehensive team experience, contacts and available reports and files. We will also review the key institutional barriers of DHC development by giving clear examples from the various countries. Best practices useful for sustainable development of DHC will de identified by giving a brief analysis and individual examples from the countries examined. We will disseminate these findings at 3 international conferences and in 1 international journal involved in environment and energy policy issues.


The overall objective is to identify and review barriers and best practices for sustainable development of DHC in order to facilitate an expansion of district heating systems in the world in order to increase the global energy efficiency, mitigate climate change from carbon dioxide emissions, and increase national security of supply.

Target audience

  • The international community of decision makers and financiers (environmental and energy policy) concerning DHC systems
  • National associations advocating DHC, environmental protection and sustainable development
  • National governmental departments responsible for energy policies
  • Price regulation commissions and organisations

Work progress

Start: September 2009
Status: Finished

Contractors & subcontractors

  • Energy-AN Consulting (E-AN)
  • Energy & Utility Consulting (EUC)