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District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power

Annex IV Project 06

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1993-1996 / Annex IV / Annex IV Project 06

Monitoring and Analysing Temperature Variations in District Heating Systems

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In order to make reasonable estimates of the maximum number of temperature load cycles when designing prestressed and self-induced prestressed preinsulated piping systems, it was proposed that the temperature variations in a number of existing DH systems be monitored and analysed. The result of the project should be a recommendation concerning temperatire load cycles converted to "full temperature cycles during the presumed lifetime".


The following measurements are to be performed for each utility:

  • Supply and return temperatures at production site
  • Suply and return temperatures at house connections

Data is to be collected from systems with multiple supply possibilities, with waste incineration and on house connection to consumers who use night-time set-back.

The data is to be analysed statistically, reduced to a homogenous form and converted to "full temperature cycles".

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