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District Heating and Cooling

The Technology

The Technology

DHC: cost-effective carbon reduction and more jobs.

District Heating and Cooling is based on insulated pipe networks that carry heated or cooled water to the clients connected to the grid. 
As an infrastructure technology, it enables other technologies such as combined heat and power, waste heat utilization and renewable thermal sources to realize their potential.
This results not only in a saving of fuels, but also in a consequent reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions and other environmental pollutants.

District Heating and Cooling (DHC) has proven to be a major contributor to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction in many countries and recognition of DHC's importance is growing. In fact, many countries where it is established are renewing their commitment to DHC as they find new ways to use the technology to reduce environmental impacts. DHC facilitates linkages between supplies that are environmentally desirable and end users that could not otherwise make use of those energy sources.

District Heating and Cooling not only offers excellent opportunities for reducing environmental pollution, but also for achieving the goal of saving energy. It is an extremely flexible technology which can make use of any fuel, including the utilization of waste energy, renewables and the application of combined heat and power (CHP). It is by means of these integrated solutions that very substantial progress towards environmental targets, such as those emerging from the Paris Agreement can be made.

With regard to District Heating and Cooling there are myths and misconceptions that cloud the fact that these systems are usually much more climate-friendly than the direct use of natural gas.
District Heating and cooling is a mature and reliable technology that can provide a solid foundation for a decarbonized heating and cooling future.

With a large renovation an expansion wave being underway worldwide, District Heating and Cooling is set to be one of the largest climate-neutral heating and cooling technologies of the future.