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District Heating and Cooling

The Research

The Research

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In the category "Annexes" the projects are sorted by research period (Annex), while in the category "Research Projects" the projects are listed by topic and year.

In the category "External Links" we have collected a choice of Reports, Software and other information that could be useful for parties interested in DHC.

Watch our latest research presentations on the IEA DHC YouTube channel or download our brochure for an overview over our research projects as of 2021.

If you want to learn more about the view of IEA DHC on different generations of District Heating, you can download the short document on the "IEA DHC District heating network generation definitions". It can help to use the "generations" terminology in district heating in a simple, consistent and unambiguous way.

About our research

The IEA DHC deals with the design, performance and operation of distribution systems and consumer installations. The work programme is mostly carried out through joint, cost-shared activities. Some task-sharing (in-kind contributions) activities are also underway. Drawing on this work, country- or application-specific case studies are highlighted. More information about annexes and case studies can be found on this page and its subpages.

Activities in the IEA DHC are organized into a series of Annexes. These Annexes contain several research projects. In the cost-shared Annexes, these research projects are funded by the countries participating in the Annex. The task-shared Annexes allow connecting existing national projects via an international platform. Thus, national projects can benefit from international experience and exchange.