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District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power

Annex IV Project 03

The Research / IEA DHC Annexes / 1993-1996 / Annex IV / Annex IV Project 03

Piping Technology

Project Downloads


This project included:

  • the investigation into the 'state of the art' of the construction of connections to pipelines in operation, and
  • the production of a handbook for the planning and building of District Heating Networks.
  • the drafting of recommendations on the design parameters for smooth pipe bends in district heating/cooling pipelines.

The project results are available in three reports which cover:

1. Guideline to planning and Building of District Heating Networks
        Demand for Thermal Energy
        Supplying Thermal Energy
        Principles of Network Design and Cost Factors
        Planning Heat Distribution Networks
        Pipeline Laying Methods
        Typical Sequence for Implementing Construction Work associated with a
        District Heating Project
2. Bend pipes
        Laying of bend-pipes
        Manufacture of bend-pipes
        Application of bend-pipes for large dimensions
3. Execution of connections to pipelines in operation
        Welding to water-filled pipes
        Principles for making pipeline connections without interruption of service
        Commercially available drilling-in machines
        Evaluating drilling-in machines
        Safety aspects
        Cost comparison

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