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How to join Should your organsation wish to become a member of the IEA DHC, contact the Operating Agent.
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District Heating and Cooling and Combined Heat and Power are two excellent ways to procure energy efficient and environmentally friendly living areas. The technology will provide buildings as well as industry, with the opportunity to maintain flexibility to use future technological, economical and social developments. If one day more sustainable sources of energy such as biomasss, geothermal energy, or heat pumps become more available or necessary, the district heating pipe networks already in place will make it possible that people otherwise unable to make use of these sources now, can. Even today District Heating and Cooling can make a considerable contribution to a better environmental climate. It is obvious that one single plant that provides a large number of dwellings with heating and or cooling is much more efficient and puts less pressure on the environment than all the smaller heating and cooling installations.  

Our Implementing Agreement conducts highly effective Research and Development as well as policy analysis of District Heating and Cooling Systems with low Environmental Impact through international collaboration. We are furthering this mission by selecting, managing and publishing collaborative co-funded projects collating and exchanging experience and information on R&D projects between the countries involved.

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Developing and using improved energy technology contributes to economic growth, environmental protection and increased energy security. It is a central part of the IEA's work. The IEA's experience has shown that international collaboration on energy technology avoids duplicating of effort, cuts costs and speeds progress.

The importance of energy efficiency has grown dramatically in recent years and improving energy efficiency is a key strategy in making the world's energy system more economically and environmentally sustainable. Potential improvements in energy efficiency exist in all economies and all sectors - in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, factories, transportation systems, power plants, district heating systems, etc. The challenge is to find ways to influence millions of small decisions that, taken all together, have a sizeable and enduring impact.

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