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NEW Final reports online

IEA DHC Annex X projects are now finalized. The final reports and presentations can be found in the research section (Annex X). New projects are being contracted under Annex XI |more..

Collaboration platform

A platform for international cooperation between national DHC research projects is provided by the new Annex TS1 of the IEA DHC programme. |more..

Old IEA DHC website - still online

The new IEA-DHC website covers most information available on IEA DHC. However, for your convenience the old IEA DHC website is still available.

Operating Agent

You can contact the Operating Agent for any questions on the IEA District Heating and Cooling programme:

Dr. Andrej Jentsch
Stresemannallee 30
60596 Frankfurt am Main
Tel +49-251-1491-260
Tel +49-69-6304-344

With IEA DHC towards more eco-efficiency

The Implementing Agreement on District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power "IEA DHC" welcomes you on this website.

We are currently in the eleventh three year Annex of the programme. On this website you will find information about our work and organization as well as a collection of research results on district energy and CHP issues.

The Technology

District Heating and Cooling (DHC) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can help to significantly decrease primary energy consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) - emissions. Learn more about the basics of DHC & CHP. more..



The Research

  IEA DHC activities are organized into three-year groups of projects. Each group of projects is referred to as an Annex. Here you can find information about ongoing and completed research projects. more..

The Programme

Dealing with the design, performance and operation of distributed heating systems, the IEA implementing agreement is the world-leading science organization in DHC and CHP. more..

The Members

You want to know more about IEA DHC in your country? Here you will find contact information to your national IA members or observers. more..